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Technical information for Constellation, Satellite and Observer sites is available in the SC Global 2003 Technical Guide. This page should be checked frequently for changes.


Windows Media stream archives are available of most SC Global sessions. To find the link to the media stream for a given session, click on the session's title; each session for which a Windows Media archive is available has a link included in the Abstract. It is recommended that these archives be viewed using Windows Media Player 9.


The SC Global 2003 program has two major thrusts: the content of the presentations and the technology required to produce the geographically distributed program. SC Global 2003 will feature presentations by speakers from 20 remote locations, 7 countries, and 5 sovereign tribal nations, distributed across 4 continents. We will link the Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center with Access Grid™ nodes worldwide.

All SC Global 2003 activities will be open to all conference attendees, including those with Exhibitor and Exhibits-only badges. In addition, there will be participation from Global Satellite Sites and Observer Sites. Global Satellite Sites will provide audience interaction from around the world, while Observer Sites will allow for passive viewing.

SC Global Presentation Content
SC Global 2003 plans to present a very dynamic technical program through a combination of panel discussions, Birds of a Feather meetings and showcases events. One goal of this portion of the technical program is to demonstrate how the Access Grid (AG) brings together the right people and the right data at the right time in order to perform a complex task, solve a difficult problem or simply discuss issues that are pressing at that moment in time. To this end, the program contains

  • A demonstration of the use of the AG across geographically remote locations in virtual prototyping to increase productivity, turnover and customer satisfaction in engineering designs
  • A demonstration of an interactive session over the Tribal Virtual Network (a consortium of Native American tribal museums and education centers)
  • BoFs on ways to increase representation and participation of underserved peoples and communities in high performance networking and computing and on exploring the human and social needs of advanced collaborative environments
  • Panel discussions on the future of the AG with some of the top thinkers in the grid community and on artistic and cultural instincts of using collaborative technologies
  • A presentation of ways that live running simulations can be integrated into the AG
  • An exploration of transpacific synergistic entertainment from sites with different cultures and attitudes towards entertainment
  • And lots more!!

SC Global is accessible to sites running any version of the AG Toolkit. Sites are encouraged to run version 2.1.2. In addition, it is possible for Observer Sites to participate in SC Global sessions using a VBrick or Windows Media client (see the top of this page for details). For detailed information, including links to VBrick client software information, please see the Technical Guide for participating sites. For details about AGTk 2.x, including information about developing software with the AG Toolkit, please visit

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